Intent to Collect for overdue real estate and personal property taxes have been issued as of June 21st

Remaining FY16-18 Balances - Due July 23rd

The Town Treasurer/Collector has issued Intent to Collect notices for overdue real estate and personal property taxes for all tax balances in excess of $5.00 (above which the Official has no legal ability to waive).  In addition to all balances due, a $15.00 demand notice has been added to any outstanding balance in excess of $5.00.  All account balances should be paid no later than July 23rd.

Tax Title procedures will be commenced for any outstanding balances remaining on the 24th of July.  If you have questions on your tax bill, would like discuss your eligibility to enter into an agreement, or need to make arrangements to pay your balance(s), please contact the Treasurer/Collector's office at (978) 827-4100 x 110 or email us at

Thank you.

Sara J. Paz