Town Hall Office Swap

Treasurer/Collectors Office and Assessor's Office have swaped
Picture of Town Clerk/Assessor Office
Town Clerk/Assessor's Office

Been to Town Hall to pay a bill or file for an abatement in the last few days?  If not, next time you are in please take notice that to get to the Treasurer/Collector's Office you now enter the main doors and go to the counter on the right (not the left) where you will be greeted by our Assistant Treasurer/Collector, Mary Ellen Kelly or our Treasurer/Collector, Sara Paz.  Conversely, to get to the Assessor's Office, you will enter those same doors and proceed to the counter on your left where you will be greeted by our RRG's Assistant Assessor Sherri DiPasqueale or Assessor Linda Couture.

We have successfully swapped the Treasurer/Collector's and the Assessor's Office.  After feedback from our Auditor on last year's audit and from an outside CPA Firm during our Risk Assessment, we planned and moved the treasurer/collector's Office to a secured location.  With the help of our new custodian, Jon Sell, we found the old iron bracketed signs that are now returned to the walls of Town Hall to add both guidance to those walking through the halls and a touch of historic value.

An incidental benefit to this switch is that the Town Clerk office will now be available 40 hours a week, effective December 18th--now open all regular Town Hall hours. With a few staffing hour changes, we will be able to provide additional services to the public while incurring no additional expenses. The Clerk's office is staffed by our Town Clerk, Michelle Johnson and our Assistant Town Clerk (floater), Donna Burton.

-Heather Budrewicz, Town Administrator