Water/Sewer Bill Insert - Water Meter Fee

Water Meter Replacement - If needed

From time-to-time, Water Customers require a new Water Meter.  The average lifespan of a water meter is about 20 years.  In the event that a new water meter is required, the cost is directly charged to the customer.  The 2018 cost for a water meter will now be $225 to cover our costs, up from $158 in years past.  On average, we replace 6-8 water meters per year. 

The Town does not currently have a water meter replacement program at this time.  A notice was sent out with the most recent bills to ensure that customers had notice that in the event that a new meter was required, it would be a cost that the customer was responsible for and also that the current fee for such a replacement has increased.

-Heather M. Budrewicz
Town Administrator