When is Dunkin Donuts returning to Town?

As you may recall, we sadly lost our local Mr. Mikes and Dunkin Donuts to a fire on April 19, 2017.  Since that date, the Town has worked diligently with Global (the owners) to get everything ready to reopen the gas station open and rebuild as quickly as possible.  Five days after the fire, the Town provided Global with a removal letter and issued a permit for demo of the building three days after that (April 24th).  By May 8th, the Town had issued a temporary kiosk permit in order to reopen the gas station and operate the pumps.  On December 4, the Town issued Global the permit to rebuild the building (Mr. Mikes and Dunkin Donuts).  The permit was later picked up by Global on January 9th.  There is a call out to Global at this time to  see if the Town can be of further assistance in order for them to begin construction. 

We recevied an email today that the company anticipates breaking ground on this project next week!

-Heather Budrewicz
Town Administrator