Where did the DPW sand pile go?

Sand for the public
Willams Rd Public Sand
Public Sand available at 8 Williams Road

At the end of last winter, the Town was inundated by complaints from neighbors of the DPW with concerns about the Town's sand pile making its way, grain by grain, into their yards.  Around the same time, the Ashburnham Economic Development Commission was gaining ground and a repeat remark from many was that the Town's major monument should not be the sand pile they see when they enter downtown Ashburnham. 

In working towards being a good neighbor and a responsible party in Town, after many discussions, we made the decision to reconsider how the Town currently handles sand.  Over the past few seasons, we have been transitioning more and more to a pure salt mix to treat the roads.  In addition, that voluminous sand pile has caused grief amongst employees and residents alike, trying to eradicate free sand from a frozen solid pile in a muddy and trench-filled lot in the midst of winter. 

The solution?  A four step process.  The first, construct a covered salt shed with concrete blocks and a cover by the DPW workers--allowed current smaller salt shed to be emptied.  The second, repurpose the old salt shed for the new covered sand shed at DPW yard--allowing easy access to loose sand as needed by DPW employees.  The third, move sand for residential use to the Ground's Department on 8 Williams road--allowing residents to access a paved lot that is plowed regularly and more easily accessible and overseen by employees.  And the fourth, relocate the remainder of sand to the property on Platt's road--available to employees if they need to restock and out of the way.

So if you happen to drive down Central Street in the upcoming days, please take notice of the cleaner and better looking DPW site that is the result of the hard work of the Town's DPW crew under the direction of DPW Superintendent Steve Nims.  And remember, if you are looking for sand for residential use this season, head over to 8 Williams road with your bucket and shovel!

-Heather M. Budrewicz, Town Administrator