Open Space and Recreation Committee

Proposed Mission Statement

The Open Space & Recreation Committee (OSC) is an advisory group that promotes land/water conservation and recreation in support of the Open Space and Recreation Plan (OSRP) approved by the MA Division of Conservation Services on 7 August 2017.

OSRC members are appointed by the Board of Selectmen for three-year terms. The OSRC works with Town Departments, Boards and Commissions, as well as State/Federal government agencies, private organizations, other land trusts and landowners to develop opportunities for land and water conservation, and public recreation.

The goals of the Open Space & Recreation Committee are as follows:

1. Implement the multi-year open space and recreation goals of the Town’s OSRP, track progress in the achievement of these goals, and document/record updates and changes to these goals to be included in the next OSRP, scheduled to be prepared in the summer/early fall of 2021;

2. Protect and conserve the rural, historic character and natural heritage of the Town;

3. Identify opportunities for and assist the Town and private landowners in protecting, conserving and managing natural landscapes and resources;

4. Maintain/increase existing and create new recreation opportunities on conserved land and water resources, such as multi-use trails and access for water-based recreation;

5. Provide information, assistance and advice to Town Departments, Boards and Commissions, regarding active/ongoing and potential future land conservation/management activities, as well as opportunities for public recreation;

6. Provide and enhance opportunities for eco-tourism, and assist the Town in its promotion;

7. Identify and promote opportunities to work with neighboring communities to connect conserved lands and to create trail systems and other recreation-based activities that cross Town borders.

Board Members

Name Title
Lorraine DeSouza Chair
Marshall Dennis Clerk
Gary Howland Member
Cec Snow Member
Anna Wilkins Member
David Stone Member