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ASHBURNHAM, MA, August 14, 2017 –The Board of Registrars has received timely a valid petition from Clare Deucher signed by the requisite number of registered voters seeking to recount the votes cast for the August 8, 2017 Special Election Override Question.  The Board of Registrars has scheduled the recount to be held on Monday, August 21, 2017 at 6:15 p.m. at the Ashburnham Senior Center, Town Hall, 32 Main Street, Ashburnham, MA 01430.

At the recount, in accordance with G.L. c.54, §135, the petitioner, her agents and counsel have the right to observe and inspect ballots, tally sheets and all other papers used in the recount, and to watch every individual act performed in connection therewith.  The Board of Registrars has determined that there will be two teams of two persons reading and recording votes cast, one tally clerk and one runner.  Accordingly, the petitioner may designate five agents to be present and participate in the recount.  

The ballots will be brought upstairs to the Senior Center from Archives located in the basement of Town Hall, 32 Main Street, at 5:45 p.m. on the day of the recount.

In order to assure an orderly recount, the following ground rules will be in effect:

  • The only people allowed to handle ballots or other election-related materials are recount workers and the Board of Registrars.  Candidates, counsel and observers may ask for a closer look, but may not touch the ballots or other election-related materials.
  • Disorderly conduct and outbursts will not be tolerated.  Anyone creating a disturbance shall be warned once, then ejected and not allowed to return.
  • Observers may challenge a decision of the counters by stating the words “I protest,” but otherwise must be silent, to allow workers to count ballots without distraction.  A runner will take the protested ballot to the Board of Registrars for its review.
  • Decisions of the Board of Registrars will be final.
  • Only the petitioner or her attorney may present arguments to the Board of Registrars regarding ballots to which objections are raised during the counting process.  
The Secretary of the Commonwealth’s booklet, “The Election Recount Process,” may be accessed at the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s website at  

Only the petitioner, her attorney, and those persons designated by the petitioner in writing as agents will be permitted to enter the recount area.  Town officials, with the exception of those working at the recount, have no legal status at the recount.  Any Town official who wishes to be allowed inside the recount area must be appointed as one of the petitioner’s observers.  The general public may observe the recount from outside the recount area.  
Heather M. Budrewicz
Town Administrator
Town of Ashburnham
p. (978) 827-4100 x555
f. (978) 827-4105

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