Planning Board

The Ashburnham Planning Board operates under the authority of the Subdivision Control Law enacted under Chapter 41, Section 81A-81GG of the Massachusetts General Laws.

The Board is comprised of five elected members and one appointed associate member, who are empowered to regulate the subdivision of land under the provisions of the Subdivision Control Law for the purposes of protecting the safety, convenience, and welfare of the inhabitants of the Town of Ashburnham.

The Board also issues Special Permits for Common Driveways and Open Space Residential Developments and administers the Scenic Road regulations.

The Board is also responsible for preparing careful studies pertaining to planning issues in the Town and recommending zoning amendments for Town Meeting approval.

Board Members

Name Title
William J. Nolan III Chairman
Joseph Kalagher Vice Chairman
Roger Hoyt Clerk
George E. Cornwall Member
Joseph McPeak Member