School Resource

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Under the recent enacted M.G.L. c71 s37P, All Massachusetts Schools are required to have an Officer(s) assigned to each school district for the purpose of establishing a police presence in our schools and to maintain/ensure safety and direct communication with local police officials and the entire student body. There will also be an education component as the school year progresses for several grades. This position is commonly referred to as School Resource Officer and/or Juvenile Specialist Officer. The position is funded by a cost share between the towns of Ashburnham and Westminster for this school year. There are currently 4 Officers for the District assigned.

  • Officer John Boucher - APD
  • Officer Quinn Smith- APD                                                                                                 
  • Sgt. Ralph Leblanc -WPD
  • Officer Nate Hawkins -WPD

These Officers will be assigned to the school district each day to include at times, after-school events/functions. There are no set/posted schedules or hours, which is part of the public safety aspect. We look forward to working with the entire study body, staff, and faculty of the Ashburnham-Westminster School District!

If you have any questions regarding this position within Ashburnham Schools, please contact Officer Boucher at  (978) 827-4413 ext 459