Animal Control

The Animal Control Department is available to respond to situations involving wild and domestic animals. Duties include enforcement of state and local laws regarding animals, including enforcement of the leash law, lost/found dogs, and loose livestock. Complaints regarding animals and animal cruelty are investigated by the Animal Control Department. Dead animals on public ways are also handled by the Animal Control Department. The Animal Control Department is operated out of the Gardner Police Department and is regionalized with Ashburnham and Westminster.

Animal Control

Note - an Emergency is defined as the only:

  • Serious dog bite
  • Dog hit by a motor vehicle

How to Help Animal Control 

Other Animal Related Agencies/Numbers

  • Massachusetts Humane Society: 781-335-1300
  • Animal Rescue League of Worcester: 508-853-0030
  • MSPCA: 617-522-7400
  • Massachusetts Division of Fisheries/Wildlife: 508-389-6300
  • Massachusetts Environmental Police: 800-632-8075

Here are a few ways you can help your local animal control program help people & animals

  • Provide for your pet's safety. Keep a collar and identification tags on your pet at all times and ensure that your pet is always properly supervised or safely confined when you're not home.
  • Spay or neuter your pet and keep him or her current on all necessary vaccinations, especially the vaccination for rabies.
  • Urge officials to take crime against animals seriously and to advance pro-animal legislation
  • Support efforts to enact and enforce pro-animal ordinances
  • Support your local animal control program. We need funds to serve the community effectively, to train and equip our staff, and to secure vehicles to transport animals safely and comfortably. We can't fulfill our mission without your help.