Applications & Forms

Building Permit Application

Form Name Description
Homeowner Exemption Form Affidavit (PDF)This form must be submitted with ALL building applications if Homeowner is pulling the permit.

Building Permit Application  (PDF)  Attach additional information (contract, insurance, plans, plot plan, HERS)
Solid Fuel Burning Appliances (PDF)Use this application for installing wood stoves, pellet stoves, chimneys, room heaters or central heating.
Mechanical Permit (PDF)Mechanical Permit includes Masonry Chimneys, Fireplace, Solid Fuel Burning Appliance, Gas Appliance, Fired Appliance Power Vent, Fire Suppression system, Mechanical Refrigeration, Sheet Metal Work, etc.
Application for Permit Demolition (PDF)Demolition Permit Updated 2013
Sheet Metal Permit (PDF)N/A

Electric Permits

Form NameDescription
Electrical Permit Application (PDF)N/A

Form of Intent for Business or Other Zoning

Form NameDescription
Form of Intent for Business or Use (PDF)Use this application for new businesses and other zoning use requests.

Plumbing and Gas Permits

Form NameDescription
Plumbing Permit Application (PDF)N/A
Gas Permit Application (PDF)N/A