Motor Vehicle Abatement Instructions

In order to process any abatement application for motor vehicle excise tax, we must have the following documentation: A completed abatement application (be sure to date and sign it) and the applicable information:

Regarding Registration

If the registration was canceled (license plate returned to Insurance company or registry) we need a copy of the "Plate Return Receipt" provided by whom ever you returned the plate to.

If the registration was transferred (license plate changed to another vehicle) we need a copy of the new registration.

Regarding The Vehicle

  • If this vehicle was Sold/given as a Gift we need a copy of The Bill of Sale or the name and address of the new owner, as well as the date of the sale.
  • If this vehicle was traded we need a copy of your Bill of Sale for your new vehicle (this shows what was traded).
  • If the vehicle was Totaled, junked, stolen, etc. We need a letter from the insurance company if totaled, proof from towing company/junk yard etc if junked. Proof from police department if stolen along with a stolen plate receipt from the registry of motor vehicles.

Regarding Valuation

If the valuation is higher than the previous year, we need a copy of last years bill and this years bill.

Regarding HP Plates

If you are legally blind or have lost the use of both arms or have lost the use of both legs we need documentation from your doctor or the military stating that one of these three disabilities applies.

Regarding A Difference of Address

  • If you moved out of State we need a copy of your new registration for that State, if you didn't register the vehicle we need to know what happened to the Massachusetts Plates, see Regarding Registration section on the reverse side.
  • If you moved out of Town during the same calendar year as the bill, the tax is due to the Town from which you moved.
  • If you moved out of town during a year prior to the bill, and still own the vehicle, we need a copy of the new registration or Returned Plate Receipt from the Registry. However, if you didn't register the vehicle but still own it we need a copy of the Return Plate Receipt and a copy of your License or something that proves when you moved to your new home.
  • If you never lived in the town in which the bill is from, return the bill to us with your Current address written on the bill. Do not pay this bill. The town in which you now live will send you a new bill.

If you have any questions regarding this matter please call us at:

  • 978-827-4100, ext. 111.
    Monday through Thursday 12:30 pm to 4 pm
  • Closed on Friday

Please return all documents to us at:

Ashburnham Town Hall
Assessors Office
32 Main Street
Ashburnham, MA 01430

Note: the filing of an application does not stay the collection of your excise tax. The entire amount should be paid as assessed. This will avoid any late charges or interest fees that may accrue. The appropriate refund would be returned to you by mail.

Respectfully yours,
Board of Assessors