Current Apparatus

ApparatusYearPump SizeTank SizeOther
Engine 120051250500Extrication
Engine 2199815001000N/A
Engine 3201720003000Water Tanker
Ladder 1 (Out of Service)1982NoneNone110 feet Ladder
Rescue 12016NoneNoneALS Ambulance
Medic 12012NoneNoneALS Intercept
Forestry 42008None200Brush Unit
Forestry 51986120200Brush Unit
Tanker 119911202500Water Tanker
Car2013N/AN/ACommand Unit

Engine 1Engine 1Engine 1 is a 2005 HME pumper and carries our extrication equipment. Because of its small water tank, it is only used as a reserve and, when staffing allows, for a third piece of apparatus. Engine 1 is our primary extrication vehicle as it is well suited to this because of its smaller size and four-wheel drive abilities.

Engine 2Engine 2Engine 2 is a 1998 Freightliner / Central States and is a typical rural pumper. At this time, it is used mainly as a second out apparatus in town or first out response for mutual aid calls (unless a tanker is specifically requested). Because it is used for mutual aid and to cover other stations, it has additional air bottles and a small set of extrication equipment.

Engine 3Engine 3Engine 3 is a 2017 E One and is both a pumper and a tanker and carries 3000 gallons of water. This is incredibly important in those parts of town that are not serviced by hydrants. Because of the large water tank, it can operate for a longer duration before needing a hydrant connection. For this reason, it is our first out engine for fire response in Ashburnham.

Tanker 1Tanker 1Tanker 1 is a 1991 Pierce and was acquired from Shirley Fire Department after it was on loan to us while Engine 3 was out for some repairs. The opportunity arose to purchase this truck and provide us with a much-needed water-hauling ability. Tanker 1 carries 2500 gallons of water and is second due to fires in hydrant-less areas.

Ladder 1 (Out of Service)Ladder 1Ladder 1 is a 1982 Mack and has recently been removed from service and needs to be retired. The cost of repairs would well exceed the vehicle's worth and would not substantially extend the life of the vehicle.

Rescue 1Rescue 1Rescue 1 is a 2016 Ford / Place Custom Advanced Life Support (ALS) equipped ambulance that is the first due to all emergency medical incidents in Ashburnham and responds to mutual aid on an as-needed basis.

Medic 1Medic 1Medic 1 is a 2012 Ford and operates as an ALS-equipped intercept vehicle and responds second due to medical emergencies in Ashburnham and responds routinely as an ALS intercept vehicle with our mutual aid partners. Medic 1 is also used as a tow vehicle for Rescue 3 and is equipped with a winch.

Forestry 4Forestry 4Forestry 4 is a 2008 brush unit and is first due for vegetation fires in Ashburnham and responds to mutual aid upon request to our neighbors.

Forestry 5Forestry 5Forestry 5 is a 1986 home-built brush truck that responds second due to vegetation fires in Ashburnham.

Car 1Car 1Car 1 is utilized by the Fire Chief to respond to incidents as a command unit and is also utilized by department personnel who are going to classes out of the area.

Foam TrailerFoam TrailerThe foam trailer is a 2010 custom-built trailer with a 500-gallon tank that holds foam concentrate. The unit is owned by District 8 - Midstate Mutual Aid and is housed at Ashburnham Fire.

Rescue 3Rescue 3Rescue 3 is a 2014 Polaris with a commercially made bed that allows for fighting vegetation fires as well as evacuation of patients from remote areas.

Haz-Mat TrailerEngine 3The Hazardous Materials trailer is a 2008 enclosed trailer that contains the equipment to take initial actions for small to moderate hazardous materials spills.