Line-of-Duty Deaths

Ashburnham's Fallen Heroes

Charles A Billings

Died July 21, 1912billings_close2-250x339

Chief Billings died in the line of duty from accidentally swallowing sulphuric acid while fighting a vegetation fire on July 11, 1912. Billings had taken a break from fighting the fire to get a drink of water. He accidentally picked up a bottle of sulphuric acid, that was used in the chemical extinguishers, believing it to be water. He was immediately taken to Heywood Hospital, where he died ten days later from severe burns to his mouth and throat. Chief Billings, 56 years of age, was survived by his wife, son, and three grandchildren.

Charles A. Billings on National Fallen Firefighters Foundations website.

Frank L Hardy

Died April 12, 1915frank_hardy2-250x314 (1)

Firefighter Hardy died in the line of duty when Ashburnham House, on the Cushing Academy campus, collapsed during a fire on April 12, 1915. Hardy had re-entered the building to retrieve a hose line when the building collapsed. Firefighter Hardy was a long-time member of the fire department and the Athletic Director at Cushing Academy. He was survived by his wife and children.

Frank L. Hardy on the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation website.

Leonce E Mailloux

Died June 23, 1956leonce_mailloux_2-250x337

Firefighter Mailloux died in the line of duty from a heart attack shortly after leaving the scene of the WF. Whitney Co. fire on June 23, 1956. Mailloux had been fighting the fire during its most intense phase. After telling another firefighter that he was not feeling well, Mailloux walked the short distance to his home where he collapsed on his front lawn. Firefighter Mailloux was survived by his wife and four children.

Leonce E. Mailloux on the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation website.