Real Estate & Personal Property Taxes

The Real Estate and Personal Property taxes for the Town of Ashburnham are due on the dates:

  • August 1 (Preliminary Bill) covers: July, August, September
  • November 1 (Preliminary Bill) covers: October, November, December
  • February 1 (Actual Bill) covers: January, February, March
  • May 1 (Actual Bill) covers: April, May, June

If the first falls on a weekend or Holiday, taxes are due the following business day. While taxes are due four times per year, there are two mailings. The preliminary bills due August and November are combined on one bill mailed by the end of June.

The Actual taxes due in February and May are combined on one bill and mailed by the end of December. If you pay in person and wish to have your payment receipted, please bring your entire bill with you each time you make a payment.

Any amount that is not paid by the appropriate due date is subject to 14% interest per annum from the due date to the date of payment. Interest accrues daily. Bills are considered paid "when received" and not when mailed. Postmarks dates on envelopes are not accepted as the date of payment. All payments are to be received by the collector by the due date. Payments received after that date will incur interest.

Any balance on the bill which remains unpaid after May 1 is subject to a statutory Demand charge, which is a flat $15 per bill, regardless of the amount that remains and unpaid.

New Owners

Massachusetts General Law requires that the name on tax bills be the owner of record on January 1st. After purchasing property, please contact the Assessor's Office 978-827-4100, Ext. Number 111 to have the bill directed to you. You are still responsible for the real estate taxes for property that you own, regardless of the name on the bill.

Mortgage Companies

Tax bills by law, are sent to the property owner as of January 1st. We do not bill individual mortgage companies. If your mortgage company escrows your taxes, you may have to supply them with the tax payment information. Generally, the mortgage companies in conjunction with the tax servicing companies receive an electronic file of updated tax information.

Online Payments

After clicking on the "Online Tax Payments" link review the transaction list on the left hand side of the screen. Click transaction type to pay. Have your bill in front of you, because you will need to enter the bill number. There is a $.25 charge for a payment made by electronic transfer from your checking account. Please follow the directions on the payment site and make sure you are entering the correct numbers from your check book. DO NOT use the numbers on a Debit Card, which are not the same as your checking account number. You may also pay using your MasterCard or Discover Card, but if you use this payment method, you will have to PAY THE FEES that are charged by the credit card companies.

If you currently pay your bills online through your own bank, consider using the online payment option instead. Your payment will be posted the same day you process the transaction online. When using your bank's online service, a paper check is produced, mailed and typically takes approximately a week to arrive at the collector's office.