Town Clerk

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The Town Clerk oversees all aspects of elections, voter registration, absentee / early voting, polling places, workers, equipment and the general conduct of all elections.  The clerk directs the preparation of ballots, polling places, voting equipment, voting lists, administers campaign finance laws, certifies nomination papers and initiative petitions, and serves on the Board of Registrars. The Clerk conducts the annual town census and prepares the street list of residents.

The Clerk records and certifies all official actions of the Town, including town meeting, elections, planning & zoning decisions. The Clerk provides certified copies of vital records (births, deaths and marriages), issues marriage licenses, dog licenses and business certificates and assists in genealogical research for the public. The Town Clerk is the official keeper of town records and the Town Seal.

The Clerk administers the oath of office to all elected and appointed members of local boards and committees and informs them of the State's Open Meeting and Conflict of Interest Laws, maintains records of adopted municipal codes, local bylaws, oaths of office, resignations and appointments and submits general bylaw and zoning changes to the Attorney General for approval.

The Annual Town/Special Town Meeting Warrants will be posted at:

Town Hall, Ashburnham Post Office and the Public Safety Building.

Boards of Registrars

  • Nancy Gahan
  • Elizabeth Rosbury
  • Heather Sikora
  • Heather Ruziak