Voting Information

Your Vote Counts

Voting by Mail

To apply to vote absentee by mail, complete the Absentee Ballot Application and submit it to your local election office.

Make sure to apply as early as possible. The U.S. Postal Service recommends allowing up to 7 days for ballot delivery in each direction, so it is best to apply at least 2 weeks before Election Day, or earlier if your ballot is being mailed out of town.

Absentee Ballot Eligibility

To qualify for an absentee ballot, you must:

Be away from your city/town on Election Day; or

Have a disability that keeps you from voting at your polling place; or

Have a religious belief that prevents you from voting at your polling place on Election Day

Applying for a Ballot

Absentee ballots must be requested in writing at least 4 business days before Election Day. Applications are available for download below, but any written request is acceptable if it has your signature on it. For absentee ballots, a member of your family may also make the request on your behalf.

Applications can be submitted by mail, email, or fax. If you are emailing your application, you may either scan or take a photo of your signed application and email it to your local election office. Typed signatures are not acceptable.

If you are not able to print the application, you may request that one be mailed to you or you may write a letter to your local election official requesting your ballot. Make sure to include your name, your address, the place you would like the ballot mailed, and your signature. If you are requesting a primary ballot and you are unenrolled (independent), be sure to indicate which party's ballot you want to have mailed to you.

Voting in Person

Absentee voting can also be done in person, at your local election office. Make sure to contact your local election official before you go, to make sure ballots are ready and to arrange for a convenient time to come in and vote.

Emergency Absentee Ballots

If you have been admitted to a healthcare facility within 1 week of the election, you may use the absentee ballot application to designate someone of your choice to deliver a ballot to you.

The person you designate to deliver your ballot will need to bring the signed application to your local election office, pick up your absentee ballot, bring it to you, and return it for you by the close of polls on Election Day. Emergency ballots may be requested up until the close of polls.

Returning your Ballot

Ballots may be returned by mail or in person to your city/town hall. If your city/town has provided a secure ballot drop box, ballots can be submitted to that drop box.

Ballots must reach your local election office by the close of polls on Election Day in order to be counted.