Business Certificates

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In accordance with MGL 110, any person conducting a business under a name other than their own name is required to file a Business Certificate with this office to register the business at the address where such business is to be conducted.

All persons who will be principals of the business must appear together in person to file the certificate to have it notarized and processed. The certificate may be completed and notarized elsewhere in the presence of a Notary Public who must witness the signatures of all parties.

The business certificate is maintained in this office. The fee for the certificate is $25 (effective July 1, 2017) and is valid for four years from the date of issue. It is renewable every four years.

Prior to obtaining the certificate for a New Business, a determination will be made by the Zoning Enforcement Officer as to whether the type of business is permitted at the proposed location. In some cases, a special permit may be required before the certificate can be issued.

New Businesses need: 

Form of Intent for Business Use Updated 2-2-2022 (PDF) (this form must be approved by the Building Commissioner)

Continue your application and needing to update your certificate: Please call the Town Clerk's Office at 978-827-4100, Ext. 114.