Dog Kennel Application Form

Mass General Laws requires that all dogs be licensed annually, with proof of current rabies vaccinations. Failure to comply may result in a by-law citation fine. Dogs can be registered by mail starting February 1st - however, no licenses will be issued until a Kennel Inspection has been processed. 4 Dogs are optional for inspection by ACO.

Dog Kennel

Tags Expire Annually on March 31st

Please submit the following along with this registration form:

  • Animal Control Officer Kennel Inspection Report. Kennel licenses require an inspection by the Animal Control Officer prior to issuance, if you did not have an inspection, please call the ACO at 978-630-4950. Telephone number on Application for ACO is incorrect.
  • License Fee. A check or money order made out to "Town of Ashburnham" is required.
Number of DogsFee









  • Completed Dog License Form (Application below in pdf). If you cannot print the form please call and we will be happy to mail it out to you.

If any of the required items are not enclosed, everything will be returned unprocessed.

If there are any questions, please Email Donna Burton or call 978-827-4100, ext. 112 or ext. 114 for Email Heather Ruziak.