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    1. Dog Application

      Mass General Laws requires that all dogs be licensed annually, with proof of current rabies vaccinations.  Failure to comply may result in a by-law citation fine.  Dogs can be registered by mail or online beginning February 1st .

      **Tags Expire Annually on March 31st **

      Please be advised that if your dog(s) is/are not licensed prior to May 31st you will be charged a late fee of $10 per dog.  To register your dog(s), please submit the following along with this registration form:

      1. Rabies Certificate.  A copy of your valid rabies certificate form is required if expired.
      2. License Fee. A check or money order made out to “Town of Ashburnham” is required.
        1. Spayed/Neutered  Dog     $11
        2. Female/Male Dog              $16
      3. Completed Dog License Form.  Complete both sides of this form.
      4. 1st time Registration--Proof of Spaying/Neutering.  A copy of your dog(s) certificate/evidence that he/she is spayed/neutered IF this is your first time registering this dog.
      5. Return Envelope.  Self-addressed, pre-stamped envelope is required for mailed licenses (dog tag, license print-out, and returned copies).  As a rule of thumb, please affix 1 stamp per dog license.  


      **If any of the required items are not enclosed, everything will be returned unprocessed.**

      Kennel License Reminder: If there are more than 3 dogs at a residence, we RECOMMEND you obtain a Kennel License.  Kennel licenses require an inspection (4 dogs are optional) by the Animal Control Officer prior to issuance.  The ACO can be contacted at (978) 630-4950.  Please contact the Town Clerk’s Office for more information: (978) 827-4100 x 114.

      All registrations will be processed when received. Certificates with tags will be mailed out unless specified.  

    2. Owner Information