Accessibility Committee

The Ashburnham Accessibility Committee promotes the inclusion of persons with diverse disabilities in the activities, programs, and services within the Town of Ashburnham. It aims to ensure that Town Residents with disabilities have an Equal Opportunity in accessing municipal buildings, programs, services, telecommunication, accommodations, and recreational opportunities.  


The Ashburnham Accessibility Committee will collaborate and advise Town Officials, Town Committees, and the Ashburnham Community to: 


Raise awareness of Town Residents and Officials about the Town’s needs including but not limited to physical accessibility, communications, and community programs. 

Coordinate the completion of Ashburnham’s ADA Self Evaluation and Transition Plan. 

Consult with Town Officers and Departments to identify community needs under the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

Assist municipal officials in ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations that affect people with disabilities. 

Provide a referral database of area resources and services for Residents with diverse disabilities. 

Advocate for accessible community access for all Residents. 


Meetings will typically be held monthly or as needed. 


Board Members

Name Title
Cec Snow
Roger Hoyt Secretary / Clerk
Clare Deucher Chair