Ashburnham Historical Building

These events are provided by the Ashburnham Historical Society, any question regarding the events,

please contact Chris Gagnon - (508) 254-6898


April 10th – Spring Plant Sale    Meeting House Museum 9:00 am – 12:00 pm 


May 14th – Yard Sale           Meeting House Museum 8:00 am – 3:00 pm 


May 22nd – Cellar Hole Tour    Intersection:  Stowell Road – Old Pierce Rd 

Ashburnham State Forest:  explore where an entire village once existed 1:00 pm 

June 5th – Fairbanks Cemetery Tour     Lashua Rd & Corey Hill 

Route 12 (north) –top of the hill 

Tour of the small burial plot of the Fairbank’s Family of who built the Ashburnham Town Hall 

1:00 pm 


July 10th – Lower New Cemetery Tour     Entrance off Route 12 

Tour where historical figures come alive and visit monuments of  

great architectural design 

1:00 pm 


July 27th – Who Lived in My House?    Steven’s Public Library 

 Discussion and demonstration; learn how to maneuver through the Registry of Deeds 

6:00 pm 


August 17th – Historic Maps of Ashburnham    Steven’s Public Library 

View and learn about the many maps of Ashburnham, including an antique map on sheepskin. 

6:00 pm 


September 11th, Patriot’s Day   Meeting House Museum     

Presentation of the Ashburnham Light Infantry 

1:00 pm 


End of September – Join AHS as we “Celebrate Ashburnham”  Date TBD 

Historical Society Ash Dash, 1 mile fun run/walk through our historic area 

Open to all ages…more details forthcoming!